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"Jessica excels at listening to her clients and providing timeless and custom recommendations. She innately understood my design vision with a few images and descriptive words in our initial consultation. I appreciated how we collaborated on the final pieces and the final result was a harmonious and in budget project. Whether it's a single room or a whole floor of a home, Jessica will approach the design with intention and truly make you feel at home!"

Lauren Harbin / Project Harbin Primary Space / 2021

”When it comes to home design, striking the balance between function and beauty can feel difficult to achieve. We all have a natural sense for style and the things that speak to us aesthetically, but its easy to find yourself overwhelmed by options and lacking the confidence to bring a home vision together. Using a designer like Jessica allows you the opportunity to infuse your personal preferences with her creative eye, and the end result is something magical.”

Summer Smith / Project Smith Main Level / 2021

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