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Bonjour! I'm Jessica

Welcome to the blog,  I am thrilled you are here! My name is Jessica Ashley and I am the founder of a Wedding Planning firm in the Washington DC area. You can usually find me with an almond milk latte in hand chasing a toddler or answering 437583475638 emails. I am obsessed with all things design and fashion. I created this space to share things I love and create a portfolio of work. My intention is to share ideas, concepts, family/life moments, and talk business. I love helping other women pursue their dreams and become entrepreneurs. Before 30, I've created successful business, two humans, an amazing marriage (mostly due to my incredible husband), and survived (& thrived) cancer and illness. Not everything was rainbows and butterflies; life can be really hard. But I believe life is defined by our thoughts, actions and reactions. It's not always the thing that's happening to you but more so, how you respond to that thing that will direct your lifes course. I hope you find thought provoking ideas or something you can incorporate into your life here. I love to hear from you! Email or message me directly or via the gram: @jessicaashleyevents